About Us

Building Belonging Incorporated is operated entirely by volunteers, including the current Management Committee.

Brad Evans – President

Managing Director of Eagle Building Consultants, Brad is the founding member of Building Belonging Inc. “I decided that I wanted to do something to give back to the community and thought that I should look at something involving what I know best, construction”

Andrew Thomas – Vice President

Andrew has 15 years experience as a Design & Technology Teacher in Government Secondary Schools and has a variety of building & constructing skills he can offer to the Building Belonging Inc. team.

Anne Evans – Secretary

Anne brings a great deal of experience in events management and office administration. She is also more than capable on the tools on work day!

Manny Braude – Treasurer

Manny Braude is a registered architect with over 45 years of experience in the construction industry as design architect and project manager. He sees Building Belonging Inc. as an opportunity to apply his skills for the betterment of the community.

Joanne Agostinelli – Committee Member

Joanne works in the health care industry and is a community minded person. She is a multi talented person and brings energy, knowledge and plenty of enthusiasm to the organisation.

Lyn Johnson – Committee Member

Lyn runs her own financial broking business, Loans By Lyn. Her enthusiasm, energy and financial experience is a welcome addition to the committee.

Kylie Taylor – Committee Member

Kylie has a background in education and has become part of Building Belonging Inc. in order to give something worthwhile back to the community.

Cindy Griffiths – Committee Member

Cindy has a background in senior management in the child care industry and looks forward to giving back to the community. She enjoys being part of an enthusiastic bunch of people doing good in our community, having lots of fun while helping the underfunded organisations that need the most support and are too often overlooked.

Past Building Belonging Inc. Committee Members
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