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Nardine Wimmin’s Refuge

The project at the Nardine Wimmin’s Refuge was completed on Saturday the 26th  of October 2019.

A wonderful group of volunteers installed fencing to enclose the play areas to make it easier for the mothers to have eyes on their children while in the play area.  We also installed six steel columns and a shade sail .  This will provide much needed shade on those hot summer days, which currently renders the play area  unusable.  A sandpit was installed and a hop scotch  area.

Thanks to an amazing group of businesses, most of the materials for the project were generously donated, as was the time and machinery for the drilling of the holes for the steel columns.  Jason saved our volunteers backs by digging the holes with his bob cat!  In today’s financial climate we are extremely grateful to these businesses, some who have supported us in the past, more than once.  Please click on supporters link below to see a list of these business and please support them with your business if possible.



Swan Emergency Accommodation (Indigo Junction’s Family Centre)

This project was completed over the weekend of the 1st & 2nd of April 2017 with amazing results.  A large group of volunteers worked tirelessly over the weekend to provide the centre with a revamped area that is much more functional and attractive and will be well utilised by the user groups.









A large area of plants was removed to make way for extending the paved area which was then covered by a new patio.  A new shade sail was installed over the existing play area.  The existing fence was extended to incorporate the grassed area to increase the play area for the children and one of the large raised garden beds was relocated.

SEA has been based in Midland since 1980 and is a not for profit, charitable organisation that provides specialised care and support to people experiencing homelessness.
SEA is Family Service offering housing, tenancy support and education. They encourage families to access local parenting programs, run in house workshops, and invite external services to hold information sessions at their premises. Families are provided with tailored support including education around positive parenting, building independent living skills, specialist referrals, financial management education and promoting links to education and training.
They assist young families with parents aged under 25 years who require emergency housing. There are many reasons young families access their services. These include:
* Domestic and family violence
* Relationship breakdowns
* Financial hardships and can no longer afford rent, and other living costs
* Lack of stable income
* Issues with alcohol and other drugs.

This area will enable them to continue their great work in a much more comfortable outdoor environment.

A huge thank you to the following organisations that supported this project.  Without their support, and the support of a wonderful team of hardworking volunteers,we could not continue with these projects for the community.

  • Braude Architects Pty Ltd
  • Brikmakers
  • Bunnings Midland
  • Carlisle Bakery
  • Combined Metal Industries
  • IGA Karawara
  • John’s Building Supplies
  • Kenlow
  • Laminated Timber Products
  • Midland Rotary
  • Red Rooster Midland
  • Westbin
  • West Slab

For contact details of the above please click this link SUPPORTERS

I am sure the residents and staff of this organisation will enjoy the extra shade and space that we have been able to provide them with through the generous support of the community.

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Kenwick School

The project to establish a memorial garden at Kenwick School started on Saturday April 11th 2015 and, thanks to the tremendous efforts of all our wonderful volunteers who worked tirelessly over four days, is now complete with stunning results.   The gazebo is now complete,  the paving done and the garden has been planted.

Kenwick School has around 60 students from K-12, all with varying disabilities from moderate to severe. The  Memorial Garden is a wonderful addition to the school. Due to the nature of the disabilities of the children attending Kenwick School unfortunately death is a part of school life, and the school would like to remember the children who have passed by memorialising them each with a plaque on a special school bench.

The area will also be an important place for parents of the children to utilise. At the moment these parents are standing outside the school, for a considerable amount of time, talking to one another.  This is an important part of their lives, being able to share their thoughts and experiences with other people in a similar situation to their own.  The garden will provide a much nicer environment for them to spend time with each other.

Now Kenwick School has an area that children, staff & parents can enjoy.

An enormous thank you to all those organisations that provided materials for our project, this could not have happened without them.  A list of these will be uploaded shortly along with more photos.

Both our supporters and volunteers have helped us achieve our goal of creating an environment that builds respect, security, love and belonging.  Thank you.

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Victoria Park RSL Memorial Wall

Building Belonging Inc. was approached by the Victoria Park RSL to become involved in the design and construction of a memorial wall for the 2015 ANZAC Day celebrations.  Thanks to the support of the following organisations who donated their services to survey, produce the drawings and engineering, for the design stage of the project:

  • Braude Architects Pty Ltd
  • M.A Lalli Engineering
  • Jurovich Surveying.

The Town of Victoria Park have paid Building Belonging Inc. $5000 for this work which has been donated to the RSL to go towards the construction of the wall.  The Town of Victoria Park will be project managing the  construction which will be put out to public tender.

In preparation for the construction of the wall Building Belonging Inc. has completed the move of the existing Howitzer Gun.   With the help of Brad, Alvin and Matt from Building Belonging, the gun was relocated to it’s new home on the other side of the entrance to the RSL.  Thanks  to Trifab Metals for donating the steel plates which were used to secure the gun onto the new concrete slab.

Bentley Community Garden

Thanks to the Building Belonging Inc. committee and an amazing bunch of volunteers who worked enthusiastically to enhance the environment at the Bentley Community Garden over the weekend of the 4th and 5th of May 2013. The area was given a good clean up and mulch was spread around the entire area. A new arbour was erected which is a wonderful visual addition to the garden. The compost area was given a complete makeover with new compost bins put in place. Shade covers were erected to protect the garden beds from the harsh sun during the hot months. The irrigation system was upgraded and a children’s play area, complete with sandpit, cubby house, shade sail, fence and artificial lawn was installed. A large outdoor table and chairs was donated for the enjoyment of the Bentley Community Garden members and participants.

Thank you to the businesses and organisations that donated valuable materials and services to help facilitate this very successful project (click the link below for a list of these wonderful organisations). Also a huge thank you again to the volunteers who gave up their time to come along and help out.



Kids are Kids!

Building Belonging Inc. was approached by the Kids are Kids! organisation to convert an existing storeroom into a new therapy room

The project saw an enthusiastic team of volunteers brave two chilly Saturday mornings in July to complete the project.

The roller door was removed and replaced by an aluminium sliding window and two doors were fitted.  The chicken wire, which  originally covered the roof space has now been replaced by a new ceiling along with insulation.  A great deal of electrical work has been completed so the room now has plenty of power points,  two new ceiling lights as well as computer points.  The room has been given a new lease of life with all the walls and doors being painted with the help of two Corpus Christi College Year 12 students who did a tremendous job as part of their community service commitment.  A new pin up board was attached to the wall.   Carpet will shortly be laid which will make the renovation complete.  The result is outstanding and will make a huge difference to the Kids are Kids team and the children that benefit from their services.

Kids Are Kids! is a not for profit organisation that offers an important service to children and their families.

Individual and group therapy and education programs are available for any child aged 0-12 years. A key objective of the organisation is to enhance all areas of childhood development (language, social, emotional and physical) in order to help children realise their full potential. The organisation fosters competence and confidence through promoting success and valuing individual differences.

A huge thank you to the volunteers that gave up their time to make this project happen and to the wonderful businesses that donated their services and materials to the project.  We could not have made this happen without your generousity. 



"We are so appreciative of the time you and your team dedicated to our project, your enthusiasm and commitment, and the donation of so many goods and services. Without Building Belonging, it would have been impossible for us to realise our dream of turning a dilapidated sotre room into a fully functionoing and well equipped therapy room. Children and their families attending the Centre have been amazed at the transformation of the store room and are sbsolutely delighted to be recieving their therapy in a bright, welcoming and comfortable new therapy room. Since Kids Are Kids! was established in 1997, we are dedicated to supporting families, particularly socially and financially disadvantaged families, to access to affordable therapy services for their child. Our abiltity to maintain affordable services for families is only possible because of thoughtful contributions from organisations like yours. We have been overwhelmed by Building Belonging's incredible commitment to supporting Kids are Kids! help more children with special needs to gain access specialist therapy services. Please pass on our sincere thanks to all of your amazing team members and businesses involved in our project." Jane Barker Chief Executive Officer

Southern Districts Rotary Club Bring and Buy Amenities Renovation

Building Belonging Inc. was asked by the Southern Districts Rotary Club to improve the amenities at their Bring and Buy venue.  

The Bring and Buy is the main fundraiser for the Rotary Club and is held at the Centro Shopping Centre in Maddington. The Club has successfully run this every Sunday morning for over 20 years and the funds generated have been used in many projects in the clubs area as well as internationally.

The amenities consist of a men’s and ladies toilet block which needed renovating. Building Belonging Inc. were happy to assist such a wonderful organisation as Rotary who help the community in so many ways. 

The floor was waterblasted and repainted, handrails were added along with new cabinets and toilet roll holders.  The amenities were then given a fresh coat of paint.

Thank you to the businesses who supplied materials for this worthy project.  For a list of these generous people please click the following link


Balga Salvation Army Child Care Centre

The Salvation Army approached Building Belonging Inc. midway through 2010 to ask us if we would consider doing a ‘backyard blitz’ at its child care facility in Balga.  After visiting the centre and seeing for ourselves what was needed and the benefits it would provide for the community, the committee decided to go ahead with the project in November of 2010.   

The area targeted was an outside toddler area which we hoped would be transformed into a colourful, interactive and stimulating learning environment for the children.  After documenting what was required in consultation with the centre staff, we approached various business and organisations for donations of materials.  Finally, on a Saturday in November an enthusiastic team of volunteers went to work to create a vibrant area which the toddlers could enjoy.  

The existing tyre planters were given a coat of bright paint and repotted.  New lattice was put up and painted to cover the exisiting fence. The gate and blackboards were also painted which gave the garden a fresh new look.  Bright paint was used on the stepping stones and numbers painted on them.   New raised garden beds were positioned and filled with soil, seedlings and mulch.  Bright coloured spinning windmills were added to catch the eye of the toddlers.  Existing garden beds were dug out and new soil and plants were added.  The ‘bridge’ was given a new coat of paint and a ‘river’ formed under it.  General maintenance of the area was also carried out to provide a safe play area for the toddlers.  The blackboards were given a lift with the addition of colourful stickers.   The hanging baskets were repotted and hung from new brackets attached to the brick wall.

At the end of the day we had achieved what we set out to and left the centre looking a much more welcoming place for it’s children.

Thank you to the businesses and organisations that supported this project, without their help this project would not have been possible.  For a list of these wonderful people please click the following link SUPPORTERS

Brad and his team of volunteers took on our garden and have reinvented it into an area that is a true delight to our children & staff. They designed plans taking into account our wishes and requests, they set a timeline, organised all the materials and set a date to start and complete the work. A team of 15 people gave up their Saturday, spending the day at our centre painting, replanting, moving plants, mulching, decorating and many other tasks. They provided their own materials even to their lunch and had the project completed by mid afternoon. The garden was completely transformed, it’s now a bright, welcoming space in which children can be calm and enjoy the benefits of nature that may be lacking in their home life. They can dig, weed the plants, water the areas, play with the windmills and we have also been able to grow a variety of vegetables that we have used in our kitchen. Brad & his team were able to achieve so much for us in one day that would have taken us months to organise. I would recommend them to any service and would love for them to return to our centre again for another project. We are incredibly grateful for the time, energy & resources they gave us in a project that has made and will continue to make a difference in children’s early years. Jo Ineson Child Care Director Salvation Army Balga

Lucy Saw Women’s Refuge Centre

The Lucy Saw Women’s Refuge Centre in Rockingham (ph 95276872) provides a safe environment for women and children and is staffed by experienced workers who are available to talk through all the issues surrounding family and domestic violence.

Building Belonging Inc. saw the need for an upgrade to the waiting area for the refuge’s clients, one where they could feel comfortable during a very traumatic time.
It was also important that the client’s privacy was taken into consideration therefore the outside area which was to be upgraded, was to be screened off from the road.

Planning began months prior to the project with a scope of work developed followed by the committee approaching businesses and organisations to donate equipment, materials and financial assistance for the project. A team of volunteers was assembled and a running sheet for the weekend’s project was produced.

An enthusiastic team of volunteers arrived for the first shift to tackle the huge job. The old pergola was taken down and replaced with a tin roof to to provide protection from the rain. The front of the building was painted along with the waiting area. New paving was put down, privacy screens put in place across the front fence and pot plants added. A colourful mural was attached to the wall and wooden benches put in place.

The project took two days to complete and involved approximately 20 volunteers who did various shifts throughout the weekend. A large number of businesses donated materials for the project. The overall result was outstanding, bringing a fresh look to the outside waiting area and creating an environment that would feel more secure and welcoming for the women attending the refuge.

We would sincerely like to thank the many businesses and organisations in the community that supported this project. For a list of these wonderful people please click the following link: SUPPORTERS

On behalf of the staff committee and clients of the Lucy Saw Centre we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks for your work on making our outdoor area functional, secure and comfortable for our clients. Our facilities now have a lovely outdoor area which can be enjoyed and utilized regardless of the weather. The efficiency and team work that we witnessed by Building Belonging Inc. was second to none and we congratulate you on coordinating such a capable team of workers. Without your support and generosity our centre would never have been able to afford to accomplish this task and we thank you for your commitment to the community and the needs of others. Executive Officer Lucy Saw Centre